no time to fly
1. behind the enemiesí eyes. no trace of ecstasy.
during the impact. they failed with a gorgonic smile.
of an incest art, so nice and so smart.
facade of trance. in solitude. perforated by human excrements.
didnít they know?! they are the disease.
and the manure for the exotic future.
in a mantle of haze. tortured to death.
in a moment of frenzy. from the muck in the maze.

refr.: shut up motherfucker! piss off and die!
piece of shit! no time to fly!
one time I was falling down with you!
i wanna deride you and crucify!

2. their satanic empty screams, holding the insanity of blackness and self mutilation.
horrify themselves. a schizophrenic fit of blasphemy.
for witch another trial? to expensive to die!
stop the flirt! they wanna be the dirt.
iím not the victim. the battle was perfection.
here are the weapons. i have not the infection.
they do it all for nothing, or do it all for money.
filth and shit is honey. filth and shit is honey.