the unimportant day
1. the streetlamps by the way,
like an artwork of many lights.
and you’re going through the woods
on this unimportant, unimportant day.

it was funny in the pub,
a beer and many other drinks.
joint after joint after joint after joint
and the talk with the friends wouldn’t end.

ref.: unimportant day – the day of my birth
unimportant day – the day of my death

2. you’ll think it’s a day without trouble,
you’ll think: what’s wrong? what could disappoint me?
i had a lot of days like today,
very unimportant days, I say.

i need a day with a little trouble,
a day when i can say: i’m alive
a little wild dance on the road, a tortured screaming in the night.
a heavy accident with my pocket-knife.