1. i知 gliding over the dangerous terrain.
i知 soaring in the ocean of birth.
from the dream, from the base
deep below it痴 hidden.
my new vision is not to suffer,
to bring back the fire and the sunlight.
this idea is fine.
and this passage is not forbidden.

ch: never came down, never came down.
i did elect my path.
never came down, never came down.
the secret know anyone of the outcast.

ref: agharti. it痴 a fantasy.
cause I have no certainty.
is it here or there?
we search it everywhere.
is this the promised land?
i値l take you by the hand.
the lost paradise.
we will pay the price.

2. i awake in a valley.
close my hand high on a mountain.
i remember the direction
from the dream, from the base.
i知 so far away from home,
so near to my heart.
i知 going alone and I知 diving in the wave.
in this dream is my place.