what i get
1. all what you talk and mean, is unimportant,
because you are blind for all sides.
you said we are nothing and the death is faster,
than the victory of some fucking ideals.
what did i say to you? what have i done,
for your everlasting hate?!
look the doors are open, all the doors,
all the gates of perception!

ch.: no more sorry. no more lie!
no more wait and no more die!
no more
must grow sly!

refr.: i get what i get. through the hell, itís just too late.
i get what i get. the curtain fell. i am so glad.

2. i am your daily corrosion. iím your daily pain,
but i find myself again under a black sun.
iím your daily destruction. iím your daily despair,
if youíll not exist, than this is your wish!
i save my heart. i drop myself and i fly with the wind.
itís so difficult to understand the situation!
great god! give the dead friends back to me!